Billion dollar asteroid

Did you know a billion dollar asteroid has flown by

What is several hundreds of meters long, moves at an unbelievable speed, could destroy humanity and is worth billions of dollars?

This year, the New-Horizon probe has attracted quite a bit of attention but another massive event happened that went a bit under the radar. In July, an asteroid made a fly-by. Its particularity ? It could contain a billion dollars worth treasure inside of it. Sci&Fi investigated a little deeper into the 2011 UW158 asteroid.

Infographic on an asteroid thought to contain asteroid and could be worth billions of dollars
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Getting out of a black hole

We picture black holes as mighty beasts that will inevitably engulf everything around them, not even light has a chance to escape.
However, a few scientists have claimed that black holes actually aren’t so black so to speak. Dr Stephen Hawking, for instance, claims that some things can indeed come out and that radiations could be observed as if coming out of a black hole. So here it is, our topic on what goes out of a black hole.

EDIT: we made a little mistake in the second panel, the mass of a black hole is finite (about a few solar masses for black holes originating from collapsed stars) but the gravity within the horizon is infinite.
EDIT 2: Mistake corrected 🙂

Infographics on exiting a black hole according to Hawking
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Dr Stephen Hawking and starry background, Wikimedia.

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