The snake sanctuary

This time, we come back down to Earth and look into a deadly Snake Sanctuary. Its name means land-clearing fire, it is located kilometers away from the Brazilian coast, its lush rainforest harbours some of the deadliest snakes on Earth, let’s enter the Ilha Queimada Grande…

Infographic on the golden lancehead snake on ilha queimada grande, brazil

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Visual credits (order of appearance):
Background: Daintree Rainforest, Wikimedia.
Prefeitura Municipal Itanhaém via Flickr, Ilha Queimada Grande – Itanhaém.
Jararaca-ilhoa, Wikimedia.
Troglodytes muscules, Wikimedia.
Copyrighted photo: B., insularis by T., Mazuch.

Additional icons:
Modification of Blank World Map 1, Wikimiedia.
Yves Guillou via Open clip art, Serpent.
Freepik, Human skull with crossed bones silhouette.
Modification of an annotated diagram of the Venom apparatus of Russell’s viper, from Warrell, D.A. (2010) Snake Bite. The Lancet.
Freepik, Thunderbolt.
OCHA, Fire flames silhouette.

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