Hello World

Sci&Fi in english - hello world

Hi everybody, Sci&Fi here.

We are science passionates and we would like to share our excitment about science with you !

For a while now, we have been maintaining a website in French sci-and-fi.com but we thought we would give it a try in English. This new version is just a trial for now, and depending on the feedback we receive we will continue (or not) to maintain it. As you may have noticed, our website is Sci8Fi (and not Sci&Fi) that is beause the name had been taken already, but it is an issue that will be dealt with over time. Anyhow, please let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you ! You are more than welcomed to follow us on facebook, here, or leave a comment on the website or even send us an e-mail ( sci.and.fi.blog – at – gmail.com).

So ? What are we waiting for ? Let’s explore the past, interrogate the present and dream the future on Sci&Fi !

Sci&Fi, over and out.

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